Monday, October 21, 2013

Life is good in Provo!

Hi, I'm Kayla!

I just started my freshman year at Brigham Young University and so far it has been great.

The football games are always a blast.

The friends that I have made are amazing!  We're always having so much fun and there's always something to do.  As my brother Nathan put it, if you're bored in Provo, you're boring. 

Now that I live in Utah, I can go to the temple all the time! And I had the opportunity to go to General Conference and listen to the prophets and apostles speak.  I never thought I'd say this, but I actually really love living in this mormon bubble.

So these are just a few pictures to update you on my freshman year!  I am having so much fun (and sometimes get some studying done too). I miss my family like CRAZY, but I have lots of great people to keep me distracted. 

Life is good here in Provo!

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