Monday, June 9, 2014

Beautiful North Carolina!

We had a fantastic finish to our trip in North Carolina!  Haley and Sharon Lockwood came to stay with us and we had so much fun!!

 So tennis really is in our blood! Grandpa Lockwood played tennis and so do all of his grandchildren! Go Team Lockwood!!

We went to a fort just south of where we stayed called Fort Macom. 

Ahh, North Carolina is SO BEAUTIFUL!  We went for a little hike through a trail.  I loved it. 

And of course, we did lots of swimming!

I have decided that I want to live either in California or one of the Carolina's when I grow up.  North Carolina was so beautiful and we had so much fun as a family.  It's weird to think that I might not have too many more vacations with my family.  I for sure won't have any for the next 18 months!  I'm so blessed to have such great brothers and parents.  We're always having so much fun together and I don't know what I'd do without them!!

Life is good in North Carolina!


  1. Hey Kayla! Your blog is so sweet! I'm so excited for you to go on your mission! I was just wondering when you started your mission papers and if you managed to get everything done whilst at BYU since that's my plan, too (I'll be a BYU freshman this fall). Thanks!