Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Lockwoods hit the beach!

The Lockwoods have officially hit Atlantic Beach, North Carolina! We are having tons of fun filled with swimming, junk food, sand, sunburns, and lots of laughing. 

We went deep sea fishing! I must admit, I didn't actually catch this fish.  Lol, I just asked the people if I could have a picture with it.  But I did catch like 10 mid sized fish! And Dad caught a shark! Woo!

My tan lines after the day of fishing in modest clothes were oh so lovely. 

Me and T.J. rockin the goggles night swimming!!

I really wanted to get family pictures as the sun was setting.  It was SO WINDY! And my brothers are not exactly a fan of pictures… But I think we ended up with some really good ones! Me Nathan and TJ are all approximately the same height.  Sometimes I seriously think we look like triplets.  

I just feel so blessed to have such an amazing family!  They really do double as my best friends.  We are always laughing and no matter what you're wanting to do that day, someone is always down for an adventure.

Life is good at the beach!

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