Saturday, January 18, 2014

Moments That Matter Most

This week has been CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!  Ah, I don't know that I could handle one more thing.  But this week was also awesome!  I had my first skiing class up at Sundance.  It was beautiful and so much fun.  I made new friends in my class, and I picked it up again pretty quickly.  It is just so peaceful to be up in the quiet mountains with all of the beauty surrounding you.  I love it.  Then on Thursday night (after class, skiing, and work!) Cady, Erica, and I went 80s dancing!  Its still my favorite thing in the entire world.  I wish I could have lived back in those days. 

So, with everything that I have going on, I woke up this morning kind of having a melt down. It's so hard to keep up with homework, working 15+ hours a week, Relief Society, classes, and a decent social life. I was just kind of feeling like I'm doing an okay job at everything, rather than being able to focus in and spend the time I need to and do a great job at them.  It can be so easy to look at everything that's on my to-do list and feel so overwhelmed.  But, my Mom reminded me on the phone this morning to just take it one day at a time.  I was reminded that I need to focus on what's important, and not worry so much about all that there is to be done. So here is one of my favorite Mormon Messages that help me remember to slow down and just be happy! I live in a beautiful place with such amazing friends.  Even though I can get pretty stressed and feel inadequate, I love my life here! I am so thankful and am choosing to focus on what matters most and be happy. (:  

Life is good when you remember what matters most!

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