Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's a Winter Wonderland!

SNOW SNOW SNOW! The Eddy's came to visit this week and just in time for tons and tons of snow. So my dad and I took them all sledding and we had a ton of fun.  I am really enjoying the camera Marmee gave me over Thanksgiving, so I went a little crazy taking pictures out in the snow.  I took a lot that I really love out there!  These kiddos are gorgeous and so much fun to take pictures of. I think I love being around kids so much because they have such a genuine joy and excitement about things as simple as snow that a lot of us lose as grow up.  Rather than having a fun day laughing and screaming flying down the hill, we tend to grouch about the bitter cold or the bad roads.  I'm so blessed to have happiness and innocence find me again when these cuties come to visit (:

Life is good when I'm playing with kids!

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