Monday, May 5, 2014

Back in the 330!

As sad as I am to admit it, I am home in Wadsworth! I'm trying to make the best out of it and have a good time before I leave for the Philippines!

These are my girlfriends at home!! They are always jumpin on my trampoline or coming over to see if I want to play (:  They make my days so much brighter! I love Samantha, Mazie, Kenzie, and Hannah!

My first weekend home I took Trev on a date! We went and played put put golf with Nathan and his date and ate ice cream after. 

NATHAN IS A BRONZE MEDAL CHAMPION! I am SO HAPPY that I got home in time to watch this awesome doubles team play. 

And, to help with my oh so lonely nights, these guys are always down to party on google chat!  We have a constant group Facebook message going so I don't have to miss them too much.  We even still have crazy dance parties and make pinky promises over our online chat sessions, so the 2,000 miles or so doesn't seem quite as far.  I still feel so blessed to have made such an amazing group of friends freshman year.  2 years ain't got nothin on this crew!

It's been kind of a hard transition coming from Provo back home to Wadsworth, but I'm making the best of it!  Only 74 days until I report to the MTC in Manila! I'm starting to try to do more and more to prepare.  I go to St. Louis this weekend to go to the temple! I am so anxious and excited.  Brooke is also getting baptized so it's a big weekend ahead!

Life is good when you're at home!

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