Thursday, May 22, 2014

St. Louis Trip!

Last week I was able to visit my awesome family in St. Louis! Julianne and Keith and their 5 kids live there.  I stayed the week after I went through the temple.  Aunt J and I had lots of fun shopping and going to the temple! She took me to Nauvoo, too.  And seriously, I think that that might be the temple that I want to get married in. It is BEAUTIFUL!  I LOVED it!  Brooke also was baptized which was way exciting (:  Ever since Keith and Julianne adopted her, I have felt so much love for that little girl.  She is honestly one of my best friends and favorite people on this planet!  She is always giggling and giving me hugs and kisses.  I don't want her to grow up at all while I'm on my mission! 

Life is good in St. Louis!

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