Friday, March 21, 2014

Birthday Decorations!

Happy Birthday Kaycee! My friend Alex asked me to help her decorate her room for her roommate's birthday, and she had the CUTEST ideas, I had to blog about it.

19 balloons for 19 years old! Each balloon has a picture hanging from the bottom, and on the back of each picture is a number! 1-19 (: 

Wrapping the door is so much fun! Even without wrapping the whole door, just a big strip with either ribbon, bows, or balloons looks great. 

Crayola Bathtub markers are awesome! You can write on mirrors, tubs, and windows.  

We also hung streamers from the ceiling! 

Kaycee came home and was so surprised and happy to see her room looking birthdayed-out! You can customize these ideas for any age, gender, and room! I love birthdays!

Life is good when its someone's birthday!

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  1. Wow! Way cute ideas! ....and that is one very clean room!