Monday, March 17, 2014

I have the greatest friends

I have the greatest friends in the entire world, hands down.  These past couple weeks I keep telling myself, "I love my life." Literally, out loud, all the time. I am just so happy!  And it's all because of the best friends I have made at BYU.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten to know everyone that I have met this year.  Thinking about leaving in just 6 weeks makes me want to cry, so I'm trying to enjoy every second I have with these amazing people!

Monday night for FHE we went and played broom hockey! It was seriously a blast.  I came out with some pretty bruises, but some great memories with the ward.

Cady and I were with a group of people in the JKB playing games on Friday night.  We were looking just so stinkin hipster we had to take a pic. Then afterwords we went to get crepes at Roll Up at like 2 am. Ohio seriously needs to get one of these before I come home...

Friday afternoon Cady, Joshlin, and I walked to the temple!  It was a beautiful day and such a great way to remind me what's important in the middle of the week! 

Saturday night was a Mardi Gras dance!  A big group of us got dressed up and then played games outside in the fields around Helaman.

So, of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without a Midnight Monday Morning In-N-Out run! We went for Harrison's birthday.  Its funny how many Mormons around here go out at midnight on Sunday since it technically isn't the sabbath anymore.  Turns out me and Nate were just ahead of the game (; 

I love my ward so much.  This is my college version of a Sunday Family dinner <3

And this last picture is all the girls in my hall/relief society! I. LOVE. THESE. GIRLS. Literally, every single one of them is so amazing.  They are always making me smile and laugh.  I have learned and grown so much from my experiences with them.  

I just love my life right now.  Its full of great times with great people.

Life is so good with my friends.

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