Monday, February 3, 2014

Best day EVER!

So I know there's probably some rule somewhere that says you can't blog more than one post a day, but  I am literally the happiest girl right now because MY RELIEF SOCIETY GOT 100% VISITING TEACHING!!!  It sounds so dorky and molly-mormon, but we set a goal as a presidency to get it by the end of the semester and we did it in the first month! I seriously live in the best hall and have the greatest relief society on the whole planet. I've only been President for a month, but the joy and love that I have felt already has been amazing.  HAPPY DAY!

Also, for anyone who is not LDS and reading my blog, Relief Society is what we call the organization of women in our church.  So, here at BYU, my hall is my Relief Society.  I got called to be the Relief Society President just over all the girls in my hall.  And Visiting Teaching is the assignment that we have for all of us to go and see how each other are doing.  So each person has a partner, and they are assigned girls to go visit teach, meaning that they just go and share a message or treat and see if they need anything! And every single girl in my relief society did that! 

Life is good when we do our visiting teaching!!

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