Monday, February 3, 2014

Nathan hits Provo!

One of my favorite people got to come spend the weekend with me!! For Nate's birthday/Christmas present, he got to fly out to BYU for the weekend and hang out with me and go to the basketball game.  I totally spoiled him on my meal card. All in one day we got creamery ice cream, subway, jamba juice, ate at Legends grill, and got plenty of snacks from the vendies.  We went bowling and walked around campus. Notice I beat him by 1 point in our bowling game (;  Then we went and waited in line about 2 hours early and got sweet seats at the game!  We were in row 6, and rumor has it we made it on ESPN. It was such a great game!  BYU beat Saint Mary's, and it got pretty heated.  

I just love Nathan so much!  He's one of my best friends and it was so great to have him out here for a weekend.  

Life is good when brother's come to visit!

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