Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Looking for Blessings

On any given day, I think, people have a number of good things happen and a number of bad things.  They also just have a whole lot of pretty neutral happenings that aren't necessarily good or bad.  So on one of these merely average days, what do you say? Was it a good day? Or bad day? I think human nature tells the average man it was a bad day.  It's easy to remember the bad things that happened, but sometimes it is not as easy to remember the good.  
Today was a pretty average day for me I'd say.  But for some reason sitting here in my dorm tonight, I'm finding myself focusing on the bad things.  My mom always told me, "thoughts control emotions." So instead of remembering the bad and making myself sad, I'm going to choose to turn my mood around and look for the blessings in today! Here are 10 things today that made me happy:
1. I said a prayer on my knees as soon as I woke up this morning.  How lucky am I to have the knowledge that my Heavenly Father listens to me and I can start my day off with a conversation with Him?
2. I taught a dance in my dance aerobics class with my friend Cady! Woo!
3. Today my physical science teacher made a joke about unsaturated fats being kinky. Hahaha I laughed out loud in class and like nobody else did.  Then he said, "Awe that was funny! I know this is BYU but come on- lighten up people!" Hahaha it was great.
4. My dogs back at home stunk up my whole house like skunk today, and I just get to laugh about it because I'm 2,000 miles away!
5. I ate some M&M's (:
6. I talked to my friend Lauren who I miss so much )))):
7. I took a nap.
8. I drank a Dr. Pepper. (Disclaimer: I also had 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit and worked out! Those just aren't on my list of things that made me happy for the day (; )
9. I talked to my brothers on the phone about their day! T.J. actually had a lot to say which made me SO happy. He has basketball tryouts this week!
10. I watched a video about a middle school football team that planned a play for a special needs boy to score a touchdown.

You're probably thinking this is so cheesy, but I honestly can feel a difference in my mood from when I started writing this post.  So, in honor of being thankful this month, look for the blessings at the end of everyday.  They really are everywhere and when you do see them, you'll find yourself so much happier than you did before! 

Life is good when you count your blessings.


  1. Kayla this was exactly what I needed to read as I'm sitting here at work running on 4 hours of sleep! I was feeling kind of negative last night too, but I definitely have so so so much to be grateful for. Such as awesome friends like you. You're the best!

  2. From Dad!...Elder Bednar's quote from his talk on the less obvious blessings of Tithing! Kinky Saturated Fats…HAH! Made a dance in Aerobics! Sounds like a great day! Neat! I'll watch for my little blessings today! I sure love and admire you!